On board Genesis, you not only get a fantastic view of the beautiful coast of the island, you also get insight into Bornholm's regional food culture. 


On the day trips we serve a small local tapas plate.

On our sunset tours we serve you a local tapas plate, which ia. consists of regional specialties.

Our Bornholm tapas dishes include:

Selected meat specialties from our organic butchery Hallegaard in Ibsker, bornholm rye biscuits with cheeses from St. Klemens dairy and sea buckthorn jams from HØSTET, shrimp with onion pesto from Døndalen, salmon salad and antipasti from STIGS OLIVEN in the market halls as well as fresh eco bread from Gorm with delicious pesto.

On board you can buy a exquisite glass of biodynamic wine from the "Polpo Private Vine Club", our homemade lemonade or an eco-juice from Bornholm's Mosteri, a local beer or one of our cocktails, and end the meal with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a sweet dainty.