From dream to reality 

Baltic Yacht is a family driven company with Torben Kofoed as the company's initiator, shipowner and captain. Torben is born up raised in Melsted and has sailed both on the training ship "Denmark" and Christiansøfarten as young. He owns several smaller boats for leisure and knows the waters around Bornholm like his own pocket.
By his side, is his girlfriend Justine, who is an independent photographer and takes care of the guests on board. With her numerous language skills, she can communicate with most nationalities. In addition, it is possible to meet one of the couple's three grown children on board, as they sometimes  act as stewards onboard during the tours.

Torben originally has a background as a teacher, teaching in the field of specialization for almost 20 years. After a prolapse where he has been bed ridden for three months, he dreamed one night of sailing to Christiansø with a lot of guests. Inspired and enthusiastic about the idea, he began investigating the market and the legislation, taking a lot of certificates and searching for a suitable boat. After a year's intensive investigation, the couple finally found their 46-foot flybridge yacht in Italy. They sailed it themselves to Slovenia, from where it was taken by truck to Stettin,  and spent the next 3 months in the yard to be adjusted and rebuilt so that it could be approved by the Danish Maritime Authority.
The boat was named GENESIS, which stands for a new beginning, a new way of life and a new chapter in our lives!

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