General Information and FAQ


We kindly inform you that: 

- For your safety and comfort on board, we reserve the right to change the route prior to departure in case of unforeseen wind conditions.

- We do not sail at more than 8 m / s and stay close to the coast, which means that you will only experience slight sea motion. However, we are no ferry so the boat itself does move at times.

- We recommend bringing sunglasses, sun hat, sun screen, solid footwear and wind jacket or long-sleeved sweater  with you on board.

?- How can we pay onboard?

- we accept all credit cards and cash.

? - "Is the yacht wheelchair accessible?"

- The yacht is unfortunately not suitable for wheelchairs as the gangway is too narrow and there are stairs on board.

? - "Can we bring our dog?"

- Dogs are absolutely not allowed on trips to Christiansø, and can only be brought on board limited. Inquire about your dog in advance. At charters dogs are allowed, though never on Christiansø.

? - "Is smoking allowed on board?"

- Smoking is only allowed on the aft deck.

? "Is there a discount for children?

- Children up to 2 years are free. Children up to the age of 12 years, pay 50% . 

? - "Can we skip the menu and bring our own lunch package?

- There is no discount on opting out of the menu. The common meal is part of the concept and included in the package price.

? - "Can we book a one-way trip or get off board at a destination habour?"

- You can sail on a single trip or stay in the port when we arrive. However, the price is the same.

? - "Can we sail spontaneously without booking i?

- If there are available seats, you can sail without ordering. However, please meet on the quayside. 45 min before departure so we can ensure catering on board.